In Boxing, you will need 2 controls. the Nunchuk and Wii Remote.

Activity Level Edit

  • 3min
  • 6min
  • 10min

How To Unlock Edit

This exercise is unlocked by banking 1 hour and 40 minutes worth of exercise in the "piggy bank".

How to Play Edit

This is a Rhythm game were you have a Mii instructor that gives what moves you have like "right left block right left block".

Points Edit

At approximately 258 points you get 2 stars and approximately 0-125 points you get one star.


  • First, just watch my moves.
  • All right, let's do this together!
  • Throw your punches any way you want to!
  • Go for a knockout!
  • I know you can do better than that. Let's hit the gym again tomorrow.
  • Nice job!
  • Great workout!
  • You didn't even break a sweat, did you?

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