Here is a guide of getting Started in Wii Fit.

1. Insert the Wii Fit Game Disc in the Wii System disc slot. The power on the Wii System will turn on and the screen on the right will display. After you have read it, press A Button.
  • The screen on the right will display if you insert the Game Disc when the power on the Wii System is on.
1. Point to the Disc Chanel on the wii menu and press A Button.
3. The Chanel Preview Screen will displace point to start and press A Button.
4. The Strap Usage will be displayed. Once you are ready press A Button.
  • The first time you play Wii fit you will have to create save data and register the Wii Balance Board.
5. On the Wii Fit save-data creation screen, press A Button once save data have been crated a confirmation screen will appear Press A Button.

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